Atlantic Colorfalls

Atlantic Colorfalls
Atlantic ColorfallsAtlantic ColorfallsAtlantic ColorfallsAtlantic Colorfalls

Atlantic's Colorfalls is the first lighted weir specifically designed for water features. A perfect fit for formal retaining walls and pond-free applications, Colorfalls adds a breathtaking new dimension to a water feature - waterfalls with shimmering details in white, red or blue hues. You'll be able to enjoy the beauty of your water feature day or night with Colorfalls.

*Colorfalls cannot pass solids. Water must be filtered. Colorfalls are intended for pond-free and treated water applications only.

SKU Description Price Order
A-CF12W 12-In. Colorfalls Crystal White $ 171.87 Add to Cart
A-CF24W 24-In. Colorfalls Crystal White $ 257.81 Add to Cart
A-CF36W 36-In. Colorfalls Crystal White $ 334.13 Add to Cart
A-CF12R 12-In. Colorfalls Fire Red $ 171.87 Add to Cart
A-CF24R 24-In. Colorfalls Fire Red $ 257.81 Add to Cart
A-CF36R 36-In. Colorfalls Fire Red $ 334.13 Add to Cart
A-CF12B 12-In. Colorfalls Ice Blue $ 171.87 Add to Cart
A-CF24B 24-In. Colorfalls Ice Blue $ 257.81 Add to Cart
A-CF36B 36-In. Colorfalls Ice Blue $ 334.13 Add to Cart
A-CF12SW 12-In. Colorfalls Sol White $ 171.87 Add to Cart
A-CF24SW 24-In. Colorfalls Sol White $ 257.81 Add to Cart
A-CF36SW 36-In. Colorfalls Sol White $ 334.13 Add to Cart

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Atlantic Colorfalls Replacement Parts

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Easily add a waterfall or stream to a new or existing water feature. With spillways ranging from 14" to 48", all come in retail-ready box with bulkhead, liner attachment flange, splash reduction foam, and top grate for easy camouflaging.